Rangbaaz 3 review: Reasons why you don’t miss to watch


The much-awaited web series Rangbaaz 3 Darr Ki Rajniti has been recently streamed on Zee5.  In this web series, we will see Vineet Kumar Singh and Akash Singh in their lead roles. This is the third episode of the Rangbaaz franchise.

Rangbaaz 3 review : Reasons why you don't miss to watch

The first part featured Saqib Saleem in his lead role and the sequel had Jimmy Shergill as the protagonist.  The audience has high expectations from this web series as the last two parts impressed the people a lot.  Given below is the list of reasons why you should watch Rangbaaz season 3 on zee5

Franchise factor

The last 2 seasons of Rangbaaz 1 and 2 have got a very good response. Very often we get to see that the franchise faces a lot of trouble in making the next season and also fails to take it forward and the makers only use the title.  Trying to keep people’s attention by doing this, but it is not so in Rangbaaz, every time with a different story, it lives up to the expectations of the audience.

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Actor performance

There is no doubt that Vineet Kumar Singh is one of the most influential actors in the industry and his performance as Hirun Shah Ali aka Sahab is also phenomenal.  Akanksha Singh has also left the job in the industry from acting.


Nowadays we see on the OTT platform that there is nothing more than crime drama and either blood or violence and the use of abusive words but Rangbaaz 3 has an interesting political crime drama that makes you interested to watch.

True event

In Rangbaazi, we get to see that many incidents are based on true events, although there is no claim from the makers that it is a biopic or a season based on life.  Viewers always love to watch web series based on true events.

Episode series

There are many such seasons on the OTT platform which are 8 to 10 episodes long and are about 1 long but Rangbaaz 3 is crisp.  There is a total of 6 episodes in this web series which you can watch in 1 day as well as keep you connected with the run time of all the episodes.


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